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Who is in a financial emergency situation, of course, would like to get out of this quickly. A loan which can be applied quickly and easily is certainly the right way out for such cases. With an instant loan, open claims can be settled, a long overdue repair will be commissioned, the apartment will be renovated or a holiday with the whole family. The advantage of an urgent loan is not only the fact that it is usually not subject to any specific use but can also be available within a few days.

Quick and easy – Instant Payday Loans

Those who have not yet gained experience with a loan can certainly be lucky. Today, the income in the family is often no longer sufficient and if even not enough money from the second job in the cash, then an instant loan, or not the last resort. However, it is no longer a shame today to have to borrow, because loans are now the order of the day. Unfortunately, as income is only marginally increased by the employer, but food and luxury items are becoming increasingly expensive, many rely on credit. However, before a loan is finalized, a few important things should be considered and the loan agreement scrutinized very carefully.

Is an express loan recommended?

Life is fast-paced and of course, the Internet is not stopping at the financial sector. If you want to apply for a loan today, you usually do so over the internet. On many pages, all available offers are listed and the borrower can use a comparison to find the cheapest loan very quickly. Borrowers should make sure that the loan with the lowest interest rates is not always the most recommendable. Many banks also charge very high costs and fees for processing or for payment. The credit agreement should, therefore, be audited at such cost. In addition, the countless reports from other borrowers help to find a suitable installment loan or instant loan.

How long does it take from application to payment?

Instant loans are often offered by direct banks. These banks limit themselves to offering all services (loans) exclusively over the Internet. Of course, the advantage of such loan credits lies in the fact that the time from application to payment is very short. Loan applications are submitted online and customers usually receive a non-binding receipt or rejection. The details of the loan application are checked by the system and as soon as the guidelines and provisions of the banks are met, a quick check by an employee is often carried out. Since an instant loan is mostly a small loan (up to Euro 10,000.00), the credit checks are not very strict. Some banks pay out the desired loan amount on the following day after a positive completion or check.

An instant loan is by no means a bad thing and currently, there are many attractive offers. However, borrowers should definitely seek some comparisons and review all costs and fees. If you want to be financially independent again quickly and easily, you should resort to loan Instantly from Payday Loan Helpers. Within a few days, the money is usually freely available.

Calculation of Taxation and Indexation


A life annuity makes it possible to transform an existing capital into periodic income called arrears, which will be paid until the death of the beneficiary ( annuitant ). This choice is irreversible, capital invested being permanently lost.

Revenues can be obtained in two ways:

  1. From an already existing contract, for example a multi-asset life insurance contract or a stock savings plan
  2. By making an investment directly on a life annuity contract.


The different life annuities

The different life annuities

For a fee

They are those paid in return for the investment of a capital, but also of a property transmitted in succession or donation. They are partially taxable under the IRPP

The allowances depend on the date of entry into service, that is to say, the age reached at the time of the first payment.

Free of charge

In general, those that have no counterpart, that do not come from the transformation of a capital or the sale of a property in life.


This is an option offered by insurers on annuity contracts. The invested capital will immediately be converted into a life annuity.


When the policy is taken out, the insured has the choice:

  • Payment on one “head”. When the annuitant dies, the contract expires
  • Reversible annuity.

Upon the death of the beneficiary , the income will be returned to a beneficiary designated by contract. The reversion rate may be 100% or lower. The reversion option results in a decrease in the life annuity.

Universal pension

Several companies offer lifelong life insurance policies that earn a universal annuity. These contracts make it possible to add a number of options that the traditional life annuity does not allow, such as an additional death benefit or a larger pension amount in case of dependency or guaranteed annuities.


Calculation and revaluation of annuities


To calculate the duration of the payment and the amount of the life annuity, the insurers use the life tables and start on a hypothesis of performance of the contract equivalent to the technical rate, that is to say on the guaranteed minimum return.

However, most contracts revalue the amount of the annuity each year based on the financial results achieved in the year.

Life tables.

In the past, insurance companies used Table TPRV 93 (Prospective Life Annuity Table 1993). This took into account persons born in 1950 and extrapolated these results for the other generations, based on automatic calculations.

A decree of August 1, 2006, replaced this table of mortality by tables TGF05 for women and TGH05 for men. The latter take into account the increase in life expectancy, thus reducing the amount of annuities distributed until now.

Tax system

tax system

All life annuities are taxable even if the allowances vary according to their legal form.

Taxation of an annuity for a consideration

Taxation under the IRPP is made after a reduction which depends on the age of the annuitant when he receives the first arrears.

Tax table

Age of the creditor dejection Taxable fraction
Under 50 30% 70%
From 50 to 59 years old 50% 50%
From 60 to 69 years 60% 40%
More than 69 years 70% 30%

Taxation of gratuitous annuities

They are taxable in the same way as wages after a reduction of 10%.

Take A Look At Your Loans During Christmas!


More than 2 million Swedes have some form of private loan. Examples of private loans can be member loans via the union, car loans without the car as collateral, consumption loans or that you have borrowed money to renovate or solve an unwanted situation. It may also be that you have traded goods on installment or credit cards and account credits.


No matter what, the interest rates on these types of loans are record low at the moment. 

No matter what, the interest rates on these types of loans are record low at the moment. 

Note that the table does not take into account deviating factors such as payment remarks, but is based on the average customer with fixed employment and good creditworthiness. In practice, therefore, you may have a lower or higher interest rate than the ones stated.

The table is only intended to give an indication of where interest rates on unsecured loans are today based on income and age, which in combination with the creditworthiness are two very crucial factors in the banks’ decision-making basis.

Examples of other important factors that can contribute to getting lower interest rates are whether you are with your spouse / cohabitant as co-applicant or if you live in a condominium or villa.

Factors that are often to your detriment are payment remarks, if many credit reports have been made over the last twelve months or if you have many small loans and credits such as the purchase of furniture, travel and electronics on installments or used or even unused credit and credit cards.

Everything about credit, taxes and tax breaks

Sometimes it is positive, sometimes there is also a negative opinion about this specific financial service. In practice, every person could benefit from a different kind of cash allowance, then gradually return his debt to the institution concerned. So this product has become a major way to solve small or more serious financial problems.

With the withdrawal of such a loan, however, you need to be aware of other small and more details concerning the declaration of the relevant funds.

Do you have to declare your credit?

According to the latest legal regulations, any natural person who has received or provided a loan higher than BGN 10,000 is obliged to describe it in his tax return for the respective year. However, according to the rules, there is no need to register the bank loans.

For this purpose, income statements provided by the Agency are required, which require the relevant information and are part of the regular documents to be filled in.

In the calculation of loans received or given by natural persons, amounts that have been registered during the previous 5 years may be considered and outstanding if their total value exceeds BGN 40,000.

There is a difference between a cash loan and a bank loan

It is important to know how legally the two terms are different and how they are viewed in a logical sense.

Cash loan

  • The money existed before signing the contract between the individuals;
  • The corresponding amount was the property of a person, after which someone else became;
  • Their return is required to the same extent as they were provided.

Bank loan

  • In this case, the cash amount in practice does not exist before the contract is signed and actually granted to the person concerned who has applied for it;
  • In fact, this process does not mean that some kind of property is transferred, as we specified the amount did not exist before signing the contract;
  • Here is also the interest the bank office requires. Also by law a sum must be confirmed in writing and in writing.

Often, the question is whether you can get tax relief when a bank loan is available.

There are variants where you can use some relief from your annual obligations to the NRA. Such a situation is, for example, the case where you are a young family. Then you have the right to such a service and especially if you have a mortgage loan on your behalf. You can use the ease of payment for the year by submitting your annual tax return.

To do this, however, you must meet several important conditions

  • You must have marriage;
  • At least one of the spouses must be over 35 on the date of the mortgage loan contract;
  • Mortgaged housing should be the only one for the family during the tax year concerned. It should be clear that when the amount of the mortgage is greater than BGN 100,000, the tax relief can be used for interest payments made during the year on the first 100,000 BGN of the principal;
  • A special document issued by the bank must be attached to the relevant tax return. The amount of the interest payments made during the year must be certified. There must also be a document proving that the other spouse does not use tax relief.

Loan Refund – Get 2% When You Borrow.


Get back 2% of the loan amount when choosing a loan through regardless of the lender. We call this ” loan repayment”.


What does a loan refund mean?

What does a loan refund mean?

We thought like this. People are tired of tired loans advertising as they see during every advertising break on TV, listen to radio and watch bus stops, in and outside buses and more.

Do you recognise it? We thought that we would break the advertising pattern and test something completely different and unique – for the benefit of our customers! Instead of spending money on expensive advertising, wants to pay back some money to the customers. Well, we think, what do you think?

Of course, the most important thing is still to find private loans for you with low interest rates and other good terms – when and if you need it! But in addition to that you can now also get back 2% of the loan amount you borrow through us – a loan refund thus. It’s not harder than that! If you take, for example, A loan of SEK 200,000 can thus be returned SEK 4,000 (2% of the loan amount).

Please note the full terms below. This also applies if one collects loans and credits. The loan refund can be a good way to get rid of 2% of the debt.


Sounds good, but what do the terms for loan refunds look like?

Sounds good, but what do the terms for loan refunds look like?

  • The offer applies to all loans disbursed where the application was received between 26 March and 30 April.
  • The repayment is 2% of the amount paid out. Example:
    Loan amount Loan refund
    SEK 10,000 200 SEK
    SEK 30,000 600
    SEK 50,000 SEK 1,000
    SEK 100,000 2,000
    SEK 150,000 3,000
    SEK 200,000 4,000
    SEK 500,000 SEK 10,000
  • The loan refund can only be used once.
  • The offer only applies to new customers who have not borrowed money through before.
  • In order for the offer to apply, you must have the loan for 4 months with the same bank / lender that we conveyed to you. This must be substantiated by a substrate. The basis can be a loan agreement, screen shot or a commitment message from the lender / bank. 
  • The current debt on the avi you send in to us must be at least 90% of the original amount you borrowed. A lower proportion is of course okay if repayment has been made according to the repayment plan. We do this in order to reduce the risk of overcrowding due to this campaign. You should only borrow the amount you really need – no more.
  • You can get your loan refund throughout 2019 as long as the application itself was received during the campaign period March 26 and April 30 and the other conditions above are fulfilled.


How do I proceed to get a loan refund?

How do I proceed to get a loan refund?

  • Only after 4 months have passed from the payment of the loan, we want you to photograph / scan the documentation to us. The basis can be a loan agreement, screen shot or a commitment message from the lender / bank.
  • There is no point in contacting us before 4 months have passed when the conditions above have not yet been met.
  • In the e-mail, you must indicate which account number we will make the payment.
  • It is important that you email us from the same email address that you first stated when you applied for the loan through us!
  • If all the conditions are met, we will pay out the loan refund to the account that you have stated within 45 days from the time we received the information.
  • is not responsible for incorrectly stated information.



Help us spread the message of loan refunds:

Help us spread the message of loan refunds:

That we give away most of our advertising budget in loan refunds to our customers means that we at the same time have limited opportunities to reach out with the campaign message. It is, of course, a dilemma if it leads to the message about loan refunds not reaching wide enough.