Year: 2019


Calculation of Taxation and Indexation

Definition A life annuity makes it possible to transform an existing capital into periodic income called arrears, which will be paid until the death of the beneficiary ( annuitant ). This choice is irreversible, capital invested being permanently lost. Revenues can be obtained in two ways: From an already existing contract, for example a multi-asset […]

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Take A Look At Your Loans During Christmas!

  More than 2 million Swedes have some form of private loan. Examples of private loans can be member loans via the union, car loans without the car as collateral, consumption loans or that you have borrowed money to renovate or solve an unwanted situation. It may also be that you have traded goods on […]

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Instant Loan

Instant payday loans lenders -Quick and easy instant loan from the Internet

Who is in a financial emergency situation, of course, would like to get out of this quickly. A loan which can be applied quickly and easily is certainly the right way out for such cases. With an instant loan, open claims can be settled, a long overdue repair will be commissioned, the apartment will be […]

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Everything about credit, taxes and tax breaks

Sometimes it is positive, sometimes there is also a negative opinion about this specific financial service. In practice, every person could benefit from a different kind of cash allowance, then gradually return his debt to the institution concerned. So this product has become a major way to solve small or more serious financial problems. With […]

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Loan Refund – Get 2% When You Borrow.

  Get back 2% of the loan amount when choosing a loan through regardless of the lender. We call this ” loan repayment”.   What does a loan refund mean? We thought like this. People are tired of tired loans advertising as they see during every advertising break on TV, listen to radio and watch […]

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