Do you hate looking for ATMs? Do you value solutions that can simplify your daily activities? Check, you may like the cash back service! What is the cash back program? What is behind this mysterious-sounding concept? In this article, we will answer the question: what is the cash back service and where can you use a similar option?

What is cash back and how does it work?

What is cash back and how does it work?

Let’s start with the basics: what exactly is the cash back service? What is this? The definition of the cash back service says that using a similar option, at certain points, paying with a payment card can be used to withdraw cash at the same time. Remember, however, that if you intend to withdraw money in this way, be sure to inform the cashier serving you before you pay the amount due for purchases. Moreover, it should be noted that not every bank has a cash back service in its offer.

Cash back: what stores offer this option?


We already know what cash back means, we have explained to ourselves why cash back can be a convenient solution, so now the next question arises: what stores, points etc. allow cash back? If you are wondering if you will be able to withdraw cash when paying with a card in a specific place, look for the appropriate logo. Currently, the list of stores where cash back is possible includes quite a large number of locations.

Cash back: how much can you withdraw?

Probably now you are wondering, not only where will you perform the cash back service, but also how much cash back does it work in practice? How much can you withdraw? Cash back allows you to withdraw relatively small amounts (make sure what amount it is in your case): using SureCard you can withdraw USD 500 once, while if you use a Visa card, the maximum amount of one-time cash back is USD 300. At the same time, however, remember that for the maximum amount possible one-time withdrawal does not matter how much you pay for purchases, etc.

Is cash back payable?

The cash back procedure at banks may prove to be a convenient solution, but let’s try to determine how much does the cash back service cost in Poland? Will you have to pay anything using this form of withdrawal? This is an individual matter, depending on the bank’s offer, so check whether in your situation the fee will be required, and if so, in what amount. Also compare the cost of cash back and withdrawals at an ATM in a specific case, if you want to know what will be more profitable for you in financial terms. It should be noted, however, that if the fee for using cash back actually works, it is usually very low.

Is it worth using the cash back service?


The cash back system in Poland gives us completely new possibilities! Knowing what the cash back service is about, we can consciously decide whether we want to use it. Why is it worth doing?

• First: when withdrawing money when paying by credit card for purchases, you do not have to visit the ATM. No need to visit an ATM can be particularly important if you are in a hurry (and we are in a hurry more often!) Or you just do not know the area, you are in it for the first time and you do not know where you can find the nearest ATM. Instead of looking for it in a hurry, all you have to do is order it to the cashier.

• Second: cash withdrawals in the store can be a real godsend if there is simply no ATM nearby and you would have to take a longer trip to collect money. Unfortunately, you will not find an ATM in every town in Poland, which you have certainly convinced about more than once.

TO CONCLUDE: what does cash back mean? How does it work in practice? What is a cash back transaction? Thanks to this service, you can withdraw cash while paying by credit card at specific points allowing similar possibility. Simple right? Withdrawing cash in cash back can be a great help if you are in a hurry, and at the same time we have to do shopping, for example, or simply don’t know where the ATM is. How to use cash back? You should be aware of the maximum amount that we will be able to withdraw in one go.